Amazon Teams Up with Warhammer 40,000 for Movies and Shows

So, here’s some big news for Warhammer 40,000 fans! Games Workshop, the mastermind behind Warhammer 40,000, has joined forces with Amazon to take the epic tales and characters from the tabletop game to the big screen.

Henry Cavill in the Mix

Guess who’s joining the party? None other than Henry Cavill, the dude famous for rocking Superman’s cape. He’s not just starring in this project; he’s also stepping in as an executive producer. Get ready to see Superman dive into the Warhammer universe!

Miniature Models to the Big Screen

For those not in the know, Warhammer 40,000 is all about these miniature model armies battling it out. Amazon’s deal gives them the green light to turn these epic battles into movies and TV shows. We’re talking about having all the creative freedom to hire top talent and make some awesome projects happen!

“Alright, let’s get creative! Movie or TV show first? Or how about both?!” – Games Workshop, ready to dive into the action.

Games Workshop’s Success Story

Even after the wild ride of the pandemic, Games Workshop’s toy figurines have been selling like hotcakes. The news of this Amazon deal had their shares rocketing. Fans are pumped up, to say the least!

This announcement follows a year since Games Workshop hinted at teaming up with Amazon’s Prime Video. You know, the same place where they’re cooking up The Lord of the Rings series. Talk about epicness in the making!

Setting the Stage for Warhammer on Screen

Hold on tight; a squad of screenwriters is being assembled to bring the Warhammer universe to life. Games Workshop’s website spills the beans on how they’re gearing up to make our Warhammer dreams a reality.

A Little Background on Games Workshop

Flashback to 1978 when the very first Games Workshop store opened in Hammersmith. They started small, crafting these cool miniature wargaming models. Fast forward to now, and they’ve got a massive fanbase, with fans scattered worldwide.

The Miniature Craze

Let’s talk about these miniature models. They’re not your regular toys; each one can set you back more than £100. Yep, that’s some serious commitment! Imagine these models, made up of hundreds of pieces, carefully put together and then painted to perfection with colors like “flesh” and “bone.”

Warhammer Fever Worldwide

Warhammer’s got fans worldwide. These miniature armies aren’t just for show; they’re made to clash on tabletop battlefields. But hey, some folks just enjoy showing off their creative flair by making these models look super cool.

Big Bucks in the Games World

Here’s a fun fact: Warhammer is just one piece of a massive “tabletop” games sector valued at a whopping £8.6bn. That’s some serious business, folks! And you can bet there’s a whole lot of excitement brewing, with newbies raising funds for their games through platforms like Kickstarter.

The Amazon-Games Workshop Pact

Not stopping with just Warhammer 40,000, Amazon’s got the option to grab the rights to other Warhammer franchises later on. But hey, they’re not jumping straight into production. Games Workshop and Amazon are taking a solid 12 months to hammer out some “creative guidelines” before hitting the lights, camera, action!

So, buckle up, Warhammer fans! Amazon and Games Workshop are ready to paint the big screen with epic battles and legendary stories. Get ready to witness the fantasy come to life!