World of Mobile Legends: Best 3 Tank Junglers Item

World of Mobile Legends: Best 3 Tank Junglers Item

Tank junglers are the unsung stars in the fast-paced world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Even though these strong champions don’t do the most damage, they’re the backbone of any team because they provide usefulness, control, and unwavering defense.

World of Mobile Legends: The Cursed Helmet is Jungle’s best friend.

The Cursed Helmet is the best tank tank gear there is. This gem makes you stronger against magic attacks, making you stronger than a castle. But its Burning Soul is what makes it really magical. This passive skill does magic damage to enemies every second equal to a portion of your maximum health. It’s great for controlling the jungle and fighting in small groups.

Tip: Get Molten Essence first to use the Burning Soul effect to improve your skills at clearing the bush.

You can’t just boost your stats with the Cursed Helmet; it’s the key to becoming a relentless force on the battlefield. As a tank jungler, you’ll be right in the middle of things all the time. The Burning Soul passive will make sure that you always do damage during fights. It’s like having a burning aura around you that keeps you safe and burns bad guys.

World of Mobile Legends: Guardian’s Helmet: The Powerhouse of Healing

There is no better way to heal than with the Guardian’s Helmet. With its Recovery ability, if you can avoid enemy hits for five seconds, you get some of your health back every second. This means you can dance around the battlefield, stay alive during battles, and come back better after a short break.

When you combine it with the Cursed Helmet, you get an unbeatable combo that boosts your magic power and keeps your health bar full.

The Guardian’s Helmet can be thought of as your own repair station. Go into the jungle after a tough team fight and let the Recovery ability do its thing. You’ll be ready for another round in no time. It’s not enough to just take damage; you have to beat your opponents and stay on the map the whole time.

Immortality: Why important

It’s clear from the name. In the heat of war, immortality is like having insurance. The Immortal inactive not only gives you more health and defense, but it also gives you a second life. Imagine that when your hero dies, they come back from the dead with some strength and a shield to protect them. It changes everything and can turn those heated team fights around.

Do not be afraid to jump into the fight, because Immortality will be there for you even if things go badly. That split second of being unbeatable can also save the game for your whole team.

Being immortal isn’t just a safety net;

it lets you be brave. You are the main hero, so you need to charge into team fights and take hits. You can do it without fear when you have Immortality because you know you’ll get another chance. After a revival, you are temporarily immune to damage. This isn’t just for show; it’s a strategic benefit that can buy your team important time to turn the tide.

Even though Mobile Legends is a game that is always changing, these three things are always good for tank junglers. If you put these basics first, you’ll be unbeatable on the battlefield, no matter how experienced you are or how new you are to the game. Have fun VTBET tanking!