Single Board Computer (SBC): The 1-Bit CPU Kit Takes the Lead

Single Board Computer (SBC): The 1-Bit CPU Kit Takes the Lead

Surprisingly, a new single board computer (SBC) kit has come out that challenges the idea of what a high-performance computer is normally. Switch Science in Japan made the 1-bit CPU construction kit, which made a lot of noise last week by proudly calling itself “one of the world’s top-class low-performance computers.” Even though it was very different, the Naoto64-designed DIY computer sold out very quickly, leaving fans eager to find out what it could do.

Single Board Computer (SBC): Putting together the 1-Bit CPU Kit

Single Board Computer (SBC): The 1-Bit CPU Kit Takes the Lead

The most interesting thing about this unusual design is how simple it is. The 1-bit CPU only works at 1 Hz and has a 1-bit bus width, a 2-bit address space, and a 4-bit ROM storage. The phrase “super low-performance computer” has a new meaning, focusing on working with very few resources. Tech fans usually love the newest processors, but the 1-bit CPU is make for makers and do-it-yourselfers who like to push the limits of what’s possible with their systems’ size, temperature, and resources.

Putting the Assembly Kit on display

The overview of the 1-bit CPU assembly kit is the same whether you look at the Switch Science sales page or Naoto64’s GitHub. This very slow computer has a unique set of features thanks to its 4 logic integrated circuits. It can only flash an LED, turn the LED on, or turn it off. This is very different from the complex jobs that computers do all the time.

Single Board Computer (SBC): Behind the Scenes: The 1-Bit CPU’s Small Set of Instructions

This do-it-yourself masterpiece is power by a small set of directions that only includes the operations “XOR” and “ADD.” Forget about using mice and keyboards to program normally. To program the 1-bit CPU, you have to set the values of the four ROM DIP switches by hand.

Getting Power with Limits

The 1-bit CPU gets its power from a USB Type-C port, which emphasizes how simple it looks. But users should know that the AC charger and cable are not included and need to be bought separately. Also, options for delivering power like PowerDelivery are not allowed.

The three features are LED Flash, LED On, and LED Off.

The 1-bit CPU can only do three things when it is totally assemble and turned on: flash an LED, turn the LED on, and turn it off. This is very different from what most computers can do. Which is play games with complicated environments and run resource-intensive games like Crysis or DOOM.

These days, high-performance computing rules the world. The 1-bit CPU building kit is a welcome return to the basics of computer innovation. DIY enthusiasts and makers interested in it, and it changes what it means to push the limits, even when it comes to super low-performance computers. Even though it only did simple things, the 1-bit CPU shows how technology is broad and always changing.